Need more than just a website?

We offer a comprehensive range of marketing services

As part of Foundation & Co, one of the leading marketing agencies in the South West, we are able to deliver a comprehensive range of marketing services including:

  • Branding & logo development / re-development & evolution
  • Digital Marketing - Google AdWords, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram advertising
  • CRM & Enquiry Management systems
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) / ranking improvement service
  • Creative design, copywriting and print services (brochures, stationery)
  • Image enhancement
  • Professional photography services
  • Blog & Social Media Marketing services
  • Marketing Planning & consultancy services
  • Marketing Research services

As well as helping to communicate what you do, where you are and how to contact you, our marketing services all have a focus on key business objectives; generating new enquiries, product and service up-sellingconverting enquiries into customers, promoting special offers...

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Branding & LOGO Development

Whether you are setting up a new company from scratch or looking for a makeover of your existing brand we can help. 

SEO Services

Want to rank No.1 on Google?

Well, sorry but so does everyone else! Depending on how many competitors you have online and how good they are at SEO, it's impossible to guarantee a No1 spot but we can help!  As part of an SEO review, we can recommend alterations, best practice updates and upgrades to your existing website. We also offer services to help Google recognise your business, location and review you. This all helps with SEO and we can help you get where you need to be.

DIGITaL MARKETING Google Adwords (Pay-Per-Click & CPM advertising)

If you want to reach new customers online, then some form of digital marketing / advertising might be right for you.

Google AdWords

When you advertise with AdWords, you’re investing in your business. We'll help you understand how AdWords works and how this investment can help you grow your business – all within your budget.



Advertising on Facebook & Instagram makes it easy to find the right people, capture their attention and get results.


WEBSITE Copywriting

We’ll create copy that will appeal to your audience and if it's for your website, ensure it adopts current best practice for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in order to help maximise your natural search engine ranking. 

Your existing website will form the basis of the copy content for your beautiful new Koodooweb website. Our expert copywriting team will review this and then create new, impactful copy that supports and harmonises with the imagery, look and feel of your new website. In this process, we will also reference our extensive Keyword Library. This is a powerful tool for both specific and synonym search terms relevant for your business / industry sector. 

Our copywriting services are also available for non web projects such as brochures and other printed materials.

Koodooweb copywriting.jpg

Web domains

If you haven't already got a domain for your business, you need to be thinking about it now. Without even realising it you could be missing out on new clients simply because they can’t find you online. Without doubt, any modern day businesses that wants to have to a strong online presence and appear credible has to start with a custom domain name. Let us secure the right one for you today.



Sometimes the little things can go a long way, and that’s no truer than when it comes to having your own personalised email address. Not only does it look professional, but also gives creditability to your communication and help establish a sense of trust with your clients. Regardless of whether or not you've got a domain, we can set up email addresses for you and all your team members.



The basis of the service is to publish a relevant news article as a monthly Blog, thereby creating a new, indexable web page that supports Google ranking signals.  Each Blog will focus on a relevant objective or business area, creating additional web pages during the course of the year, each page containing key words and phrases that match the given SEO focused objective.  

Ecah Blog is promoted via a series of (4) posts in linked Social Media, each providing a snippet that is intended to catch the attention of social media followers and encourage them to click-through to the Blog web page.  Importantly, this inbound tBraffic is positive both as improving traffic to the website and as an inbound backlink from an external website (eg Twitter).


Is social media important to your business or brand? Our real-time embedded widgets ensure your website is socially connected. Our feature-rich Blog can add that local, personal touch and help drive increased visitor traffic to your up-to-date website.

Stationery design & PRINT

Whether you're looking for an entirely new design or simply looking for the right material to print on, we have a range of stationery packages to suit you and your budget.


The beauty of having great photography is that it lends itself to almost all forms of communication you carry out. You'll be able to use the same professional imagery on your website, social media, posters, leaflets and anything else you may think of. 

If you come to us to photograph your products or services not only will you benefit from using the latest equipment but also utilise the skills and experience of a professional photographer. Get in touch today to find out more.


Have you got any images that are not as good as you'd like? If so, you'll be pleased to know the Koodooweb team have the skills, experience and software to enable us to take your images and greatly improve their overall quality. Please get in touch to see examples of our work.